About Us

A Foremost Religious Community

We are the Apostolic Catholic monastery of Pax + Abbey. To this end, we commit ourselves to the time-honored virtues of prayer, labor, and study to live out our Catholic faith. As monks, we have pledged our lives to God and each other in the bonds of brotherhood. You're very welcome to join our family, and if you ...

A Life Dedicated to Praying and Service

We monks pray not only for ourselves but also for those who have asked for our prayers, for the sick, for the dying, for the conversion of sinners, for peace in families and throughout the world, for those who are persecuted for their faith, for the protection of the unborn, for the faithful who have passed on, ...


Religious Vocation

Religious Vocation

Monastic Formation

To become a monk, having a calling is the most important factor. Rather elementary, no? Vocation is a calling; the word comes from the …

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  • Serving God
  • Praying incessantly
  • Supporting our community
  • Fulfilling our purpose
  • Bringing faith and hope
  • Strengthening the relationship with God