Benedictine Monk & Ordained Priest

Br. Christopher Mary Courtright-Cox, OSB

Jesus and Mary, you are my joy! Hello, My name is Br. Christopher-Mary. The Holy Spirit and the Immaculata have made my life’s mission to be a priest-monk adorer entirely dedicated to (1) the devout reception (Mass) and adoration (Tabernacle) of Our Lord’s true presence in the Holy Eucharist and (2) to the spiritual sword and devotion of the Most Holy Rosary. For many reasons, I chose to leave active ministry in the Roman Church shortly after my ordination in 2004. 

During the following year, I started graduate school for Counseling Psychology and also met my husband, Nathan. We were married in 2008 and, very soon after, adopted our two sons, Michael and Burton. Not thinking I would ever have the opportunity to function as a priest again, in 2007, a Priest friend introduced me to the Old Catholic movement. This introduction changed the trajectory of my life. During the week, I work as a psychologist for New York State, and on the weekends, I am privileged to be the Priest and Pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Community. 

I consider the monastic community of Pax Abbey to be my primary spiritual home - an actual school of the Lord’s service. Abba and my brothers tangibly provided me with more profound spiritual connections and the shared theological values and orthodox spiritual praxis for which I had been searching since joining the Old Catholic Church.

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